Creeper Lagoon Again

Some days i drift off, thinking about the very best bands I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. Heck, I even used to be in a band myself (Mid to late 90’s, Pedro Luz), and was fortunate enough to get to play some shows with a few of my very own heroes. The biggest one? San Francisco’s Creeper Lagoon. Seeing this name, a few will say, “Oh indeed…that band was truly amazing.” Others will probably say, “Creeper who??” Well, the latter wouldn’t be far off since the band broke up when I was still taking the stage around 2000. And now it’s been 18 long years…and suddenly Creeper Lagoon is back on the scene. Oh there is a deity! ;).

So, without further adieu, check out this first single, Tonight Was Fun, from the newly-reformed Creeper Lagoon. If you’re a fan of Pavement, or any such, low-fi indie rock band indexing on moody and thought provoking lyrics and melodies, well, you’re in for a treat.

My claim to fame with this band? Once I got to cook these guys tacos! Yep, way back in the day, on the night of our very last show, we opened for Creeper Lagoon (headlining) and Sunset Valley (middle slot). Surely the coolest lineup we ever graced…we had an after party at “2145,” a house in NW PDX well-known at that time for its parties and open door musician policy. Well, I cooked up tacos for a house-load of musicians…including Creeper Lagoon, as well as a couple members of the Dandy Warhols. I was seriously in awe of the talent sitting in my house. And hey, the Dandy’s have a show this upcoming Saturday, Dec 1, at the Crystal Ballroom. Maybe I’ll see you there?

The Dandy Warhols on stage. Image Courtesy:

The Dandy Warhols on stage. Image Courtesy:

Meanwhile, keep your eye on Creeper Lagoon. With them playing just a short flight from us down south, well, it’s hard to imagine money better spent (outside of some sweet new shades!). And if you want to learn some of their songs, check out their songbook…which details every chord here.

Dan Meyers