Visual Illusions 13

Some would call 13 an unlucky number. Well, that may be true, especially when you go up against these tough challenges for your eyes and brain! In any case, good luck and hopefully you do better than I did (or as well on the Mental Age test)! Our Visual Illusions series continues...


7 Visual Riddles That Will Test Your Brain

So let's get started with a doozy. I failed huge on the first 3 of this 7 riddle challenge. I finally got one...and then failure came in again! Hope you do better!! This video is courtesy of Bright Side. Thx!


Colors That Trick Your Brain

I really enjoyed this visual illusion, courtesy of asapSCIENCE, that centers on the After Image that our eyes/brain generates when our eyes become fatigued. There are a few different illusions in this video, so be sure to watch it in its entirety. Very fun. 


A Color Test That Can Tell Your Mental Age

I'm unsure of the science behind this mental age test, but it's based on color choices in a variety of pictures. This is a fun test...and it put me at a fair bit younger (in the mind) than my actual age. I'd say that's a good result! Courtesy of Bright Side, enjoy! 


Watch for the next set of visual illusions and challenges next month! 

Dan Meyers