Monthly Illusions and Brainteasers Part 2


Here we are now with installment #2 of our ongoing Monthly Illusions and Brain Teasers series. This time I've mixed together some pure visual illusions with a "Where's Waldo-like" challenge. All use the eyes! Enjoy. 

Where is Mama Cat?

Always a fan of Where's Waldo, I like this visual challenge of trying to find the mama cat in the image below. To be sure, her four kittens are clearly visible, walking around on the edge of the pool. But mama? Where is she? BTW, I couldn't find the mama cat and had to click on the help image (which I've furnished below for anyone else that gets stumped). Good luck!   portland-eye-doctor   [su_spoiler title="See where mama cat is hiding here"]portland-eye-doctor[/su_spoiler]  

Moving Waves

The below image is a pure, visual illusion. No tricks, nothing to find. Rather, just marvel at the waves that appear to be moving, a lot, in this image. Clearly the eyes have a mind of their own!   portland-optometrist  

Twisted Streets

Similar to the moving waves image above, this visual illusion does not represent a specific challenge of sorts. Rather, examine the image and try to figure out how it is possible. In these strange streets gravity seems to not apply.   portland-eye-doctor  

The Cat on the Stairs

This last visual illusion is a tricky one. Can you tell if the cat is climbing the stairs or going down them? Well, it really depends on your perspective. There is no truly "correct" answer here so opinions shall reign! If I'm guessing though, I'm going to say the cat is going downstairs, due to the lip on the bottom edge of each stair. Just makes sense to me.   portland-eye-doctor   Look for more illusions and brain teasers next month! Header Image Courtesy: