Visual Illusions 3


Installment number 3 in our series of visual illusions. Enjoy.

Two in One

When I first looked at this image I saw what I'm sure you're seeing now, a man's face inside a mask. Yet is there more? See if you can spot the additional way of seeing/interpreting what's inside the mask. Once you get it, you should be able to willfully flip back and forth in your mind's view. Tip off below if needed.   portland-eyeglasses   [su_spoiler title="Get the tip off here..."]Instead of just one man's face in the mask, there is also a man and a woman who are kissing. Man on the left, woman on the right. Check it out. Once you can see both, you can flip back and forth in your visual perception.[/su_spoiler]  

The Burning Wall

When I first looked at this wall I saw, a wall. I was indeed missing something. How about you?   portland-eyewear-shop   [su_spoiler title="Solve for the Wall"]portland-eyewear[/su_spoiler]  

Extra Chocolate

While the music and presentation in this next illusion leaves a bit to be desired, the illusion itself is pretty cool. See the video below, courtesy of dzvero007's YouTube channel.     Look for more illusions and brain teasers next month! Header Image Credit: Rob Gonslaves