Visual Illusions 4


Here we are again with our next installment of visual illusions. How apropos, yes? I mean you need your eyes to appreciate a visual illusion, and, well, Eyes on Broadway is all about the eyes and optimizing your vision and style. So, here we go! 

Risky Sunbather

So, when it comes to being out in the sun, there are some definite dangers. Can you find the sunbather in this image that is taking a risk? If you get stumped, read one of our more recent blog articles linked here for a clear tip.   portland-eye-exam

  [su_spoiler title="Get the tip off here..."]portland-eye-doctor [/su_spoiler]


Foot-shaped Leaf

This next visual illusion challenge was tough for me. Can you find the foot-shaped leaf on this tree? Took me over 2 minutes to find this anomaly...good luck!   portland-eye-doctor

  [su_spoiler title="Get the tip off here..."]portland-eye-exam



Bee in the Flowers

Finding the bee on these flowers is no easy I hope your up to your visual game! I nailed this one in 1 minutes, 42 seconds.  portland-eye-exam

  [su_spoiler title="Get the tip off here..."] [portland-eye-doctor[/su_spoiler]

  Look for more visual illusions and brain teasers next month! Header Image Credit and Copyright: The Smart Local