Visual Illusions 5


Installment number 5 of our series on visual illusions is here for your challenge and enjoyment. Have fun viewing these bizarre illusions that attempt to fake a different reality. 

Switch of Gravity

Hanging Wall pictures have stormed across the Net with so many cool examples of gravity-defying creativity. Enjoy this seemingly scary situation via   portland-eye-doctor  

Monsters Clawing Out

3D chalk art is all the rage these days. Check out these monsters trying to get topside!   portland-eyeglass-shop  

Watch Out for the Hole!

As the picture caption notes, I'd surely avoid this apparent "hole in the sidewalk" if I was coming upon it fast. Yet another great, 3D chalk art example.   portland-optometrist  

Look for more visual illusions and brain teasers next month! Header Image Credit and Copyright: