Visual Illusions 8 - Halloween Time!


In our continued series on Visual Illusions, here is yet another installment...and this time, with a Halloween and magic theme! Enjoy and be safe out there! 

Secrets of the Float

One of the more interesting visual illusions I've seen is when a magician appears to float above the ground with no wires, ropes, etc. How is this mind-bending illusion pulled off? This great video from Magic Secrets Revealed pulls back the curtain on this particular trick, allowing you to see what's really going on.   Video Courtesy: Magic Secrets Revealed

Animals in the Wood
Circles, Circles
Halloween Card Tricks

In the final illusion today I'm featuring a series of card tricks by A Million Card Tricks. I love watching a good card trick and trying to spot the sleigh of hand. That said, I could not catch the sleight in the following video. The last trick is the most compelling by far. See if you can see what's going on?   Video Courtesy: A Million Card Tricks

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