Contact Lenses can make a world of a

From sport to fashion, there are a variety of reasons our patients choose to wear contact lenses. Despite their popularity, contacts are still a new technology that require a prescription. Our doctors study multiple aspects of your eyes to determine which type of contact lens is right for you.


Digital Contour Mapping

Our contact lens exam begins with taking measurements to create a digital contour map of your eye. We then take into account your budget and lifestyle, before determining the perfect contact lenses for you.


Tear Production

When you put on contacts your eyes need sufficient lubrication for comfortable fit. This means we need to make sure your eyes are producing enough tears. We compare this information with the type of lifestyle you have, to properly match you up with the perfect pair.


Lens Care Training

Contacts are placed directly over the cornea and are held in place by fluid attraction. Because of the fragility of the human eye, it’s important that our patients are knowledgeable about properly wearing and taking care of their contacts. Things that come into contact with the surface of the eye need to be sterile and free of debris. The irritation that can come with improper care is avoided with training on contact lens handling. It’s very simple to become adjusted to Contacts, and we make it even simpler by teaching you how.



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