In case of Eye Emergencies and Crisis Situations…


I am having an urgent problem and need to see my optometrist!

Please advise the receptionist if you are having an urgent condition. We reserve a few emergency appointments each day for unexpected medical problems such as eye infections, corneal scratches, etc. We will always try and get you in as soon as possible!


How long do I have to wait for an appointment with the optometrist?

We typically have appointments available within two weeks, but it does vary depending on the time of year. If you need something sooner, we will work to accommodate you. We do occasionally have cancellations and would be happy to add you to the waiting list, just ask!


How long does an eye examination take?

Approximately 45 minutes. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to fill out any necessary paperwork. However the length of your exam may vary, depending on the complexity of your visual problem.


What is a Comprehensive Eye Exam? How often should I get one?

During each exam, we carefully assess your eyes and test for a wide range of diseases like Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration. We take interior photos of your eyes to evaluate health as well as to use as a reference during future visits. The final step of the exam is to determine if you need corrective lenses and calculate the correct prescription.

Children should also be getting annual eye exams beginning at age 5. Often, kids may not even know that they have a vision problem. We make special efforts to rule out any developmental issues such as amblyopia (or lazy eye), color blindness, etc.


I am scheduled for a contact lens appointment, is there anything I should know?

Current or previous contact lens wearers:
Don’t forget to bring the following:

  • Your contact lenses
  • Your glasses
  • Your most recent eyeglass prescription
  • Your most recent contact lens prescription (including brand name, base curve, diameter, power) or any vials/boxes that came with your lenses
  • A copy of your most recent eye examination (if available)

If you have never worn contact lenses, don’t forget to bring the following:

  • Your glasses.
  • Your most recent eyeglass prescription.
  • A copy of your most recent eye examination (if possible).

Should I remove my Contact Lenses prior to my examination?

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses (Hard Contact Lenses) If you are a hard contact lens wearer, we recommend you not wear them for at least 3-7 days before your examination. That’s because hard contact lenses can hold in place, or misshape, the true contour of the cornea, therefore changing the eye’s correct prescription. Switching back to your glasses for this short period of time prior to your appointment will dramatically increase the accuracy of your true prescription in both your glasses and contact lenses.


How long does it take to get my glasses?

Generally, from 1 to 2 weeks depending upon you and the choices you make. Since all of our eyeglasses are custom made, delivery time is determined by many different factors which include: the frame you choose, the lens you choose, any special coatings or requests, the complexity of your prescription, or a special order (different size, different color).



Do you accept my insurance and will you bill them for me?

Yes, we will gladly bill your insurance company provided we are contracted with them. Here are our most commonly billed insurance companies:

  • Vision Service Plan (VSP)
  • EyeMed Vision Care
  • Regence BlueCross of Oregon
  • Providence Health Care
  • ODS
  • Aetna
  • Lifewise
  • Pacific Source

What if you don’t accept my insurance, can you still bill them for me?

Yes, we will be glad to help you file your paperwork. If we are not contracted with your insurance provider, you will be responsible for paying in full for your products and services. We can then bill your insurance company for you, and have them reimburse you directly.


I don’t even know if I have vision insurance, how I can find out?

Contact your human resources department, your insurance agent, or log on to the member services page of your insurance carrier’s website. Most importantly, know your coverage. Remember, every insurance policy is as individual as its benefits (which usually change annually). If you don’t see your provider on our list, feel free to give us a call and we can check for you.



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