3 Great Portland Outdoor Patios


So we are all out getting as much sun as possible these days, albeit with sunscreen and sunglasses on, etc... With winter an ever-present item on our minds (because, yes, how can we forget the amount of rain, clouds and muck we dealt with just a couple months ago?), we are firmly motivated to be outside these days. In fact, the sun has been shining really well lately and there has been a near constant breeze to mix in just the right amount of cool. And on this, there are some truly fabulous patios in and around the PDX area that match the weather like a perfect t-shirt. Here's a short list of some of my favorites, so please enjoy! 

Wayfinder Beer

This Central Eastside brew complex raises the bar on several levels. But first, since we're focusing on outdoor patios here, let's talk about the huge, sprawling, cedar deck that is every bit of 2,000 square feet and features a vast amount of cool spots to sit, eat and drink. The creation of Double Mountain cofounder Charlie Devereaux and Rodney Muirhead of Podnah's Pit, you can't find a better spot for enjoying the lovely food and award-winning beer that hails from within. Find this place at: 304 S.E. Second Ave, PDX. (503) 718-2337 www.wayfinder.beer   portland-eye-doctor  

Ankeny Tap & Table

Only two years in now, Ankeny Tap & Table is vastly different from 10 Barrel in that it is deep inside SE PDX with a very strong neighborhood vibe. Swapping high city views for a cool, "in the know" feel, this place is a wonderful spot to soak up the sun, drinks and culinary fair. Did I mention the food is over-the-top amazing?! Find this place at: 2724 S.E. Ankeny St, (503) 946-1898. www.ankenypdx.com   portland-optometrist  

10 Barrel Brewing

Well, it's kind of hard to beat the amazing location and view from 10 Barrel Brewing's Portland location in the Pearl. I mean how more central can you get, and with excellent craft beer and food to boot? There's a reason I am listing this wonderful spot in this post, and at pole position. If you haven't been to 10 Barrel's rooftop patio and bar, well, put it on your list! Find this place here: 1411 N.W. Flanders St. PDX. (503) 224-1700. www.10barrel.com   portland-eye-doctor   Header Image Courtesy: PearlHelp.com