Busting 5 Myths about Contact Lenses!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]1. "Contacts can slip behind your Eyeball." Optometrist Portland

Umm, FALSE. The Conjunctiva is an essential part of your eye. It covers the backside of your eyelids, and flips to cover the white of your eye, or the Sclera. Because of the way your eyes are made, a Contact lens can't ever get back there!

2. "I'm too old for contacts."

Never. The technology that we use to make contacts nowadays is getting better and better. Contact are able to breathe much better than before. There are even "Varifocal" prescriptions for people who's eyes need help with reading too!

3. "Contacts are Uncomfortable."

Almost every single patient we've had said the same thing – "Most of the time, I forget I'm wearing Contacts." It only takes a small amount of time for you to become accustomed to your brand new eyesight. And once you do, you're going to forget you wear contacts until you need to take them out before bed.

4. "Contact lenses aren't good for Sports."

Contacts used to be made out of glass. Then, the contacts would pop out very easily because of their Rigidness. Nowadays, we have contacts that are very flexible and breathable. In addition, Contact Lenses have become much more thin. This helps them stick to the eye much more easily, and reduces the chances of them popping out by a huge measure.

5. "You can't wear makeup with Contacts!"

Yeah, again, ...Wrong. Makeup is totally fine to wear with contacts. None of the makeup material should come into contact with the lens itself. Otherwise, just make sure to put your contacts in before you put your makeup on. And take them out before you take your makeup off. Voila!

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