Dry eye syndrome


This is a common problem in which eyes do not make enough tears, or where tears evaporate too quickly. It can leave your eyes feeling dry, irritated and sore. In some instances, it may cause blurred vision.

The Tear Film

The surface of your eye is covered by what’s called the tear film. It helps to keep your eyes moist. It lets light pass through to the nerve in your eye, while keeping foreign stuff out.

The tear film is made up of:

  • the Oily Layer (lipid)
  • the Watery Layer (aqueous)
  • layer of Mucous

Dry eye syndrome is when you don’t have enough of one of these layers.

Listed below are a few of the most common causes of Dry Eye:


Sun, wind, dry climate, hot blowing air and high altitude can have a drying effect on your eyes. Your tears will evaporate quicker than they can be produced and leave you with dry eye.


Using a computer, reading, and writing can also cause dry eye. People tend to blink less while carrying out these activities; leaving the tear film free to evaporate.

Contact lenses.

Some Contacts are better than others. Depending on what material they’re made with, the time it takes for them to dehydrate varies. Never wear contacts for longer than you’re supposed to, and use good eye drops from time to time, after speaking to your Optometrist.

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How tear production is tested

Your optician uses A yellow-orange dye (fluorescein) so as to see your tears more clearly. Then you can see how long it takes for your eye to start drying out and whether this is within a normal range. If there is damage on the eye, the dye test highlights the damaged areas.

In most cases your optician can diagnose dry eyes from a simple discussion about the symptoms. However, because dry eyes can be a symptom of an underlying disease, you may be asked a range of questions to eliminate some possibilities.

Preventing Dry Eye

The best way to prevent dry eye is to keep yourself healthy! Make sure you are on top of your diet, and exercise. If you’re body is running like a clock, then your eyes will be healthy as well. Make sure you consume:

•Fish Oil

•Plenty of Water

•Vitamins and Minerals

If you struggle with Dry Eye syndrome, see your local Portland Eye Doctor today. Detecting a problem early is the best way to prevent it!

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