Eclipse Update Video: Shadow Snakes?


So we've posted and have been refreshing our article on the coming solar eclipse. Still a great read, you can see it here. That said, we've come across a wonderful video on the eclipse that talks in detail about all of the different and very interesting phenomena that you can observe during the eclipse event. Of course, it goes with out saying that you should try to find your way to not only the "path of totality," which is the zone in which the sun gets entirely blocked out by the moon. Yet getting in the totality path is just one element...ideally, you can be in the very center. Why? Because being in the center means you'll be able to view the total eclipse for up to 2 minutes or more, whereas out on the edges of the totality path this amazing spectacle will last for only around 18 seconds. SPECIAL NOTE: Eyes On Broadway is NOT selling eclipse glasses. Sorry for any confusion!

Well, there's so much to view in this video that I'll sign off here. Be sure to watch this all the way through as it gets increasingly interesting and informative. Watch for unique phenomena definitions and tips for seeing "shadow snakes, diamonds and Bailey's Beads!" Of course, remember CE-certified eye protection made specifically for viewing the eclipse. Do not use un-rated eclipse viewing glasses. Nothing is worth risking your eyesight!   Video Courtesy: Smarter Every Day   See our prior Eclipse article here.   Header Image Courtesy: Stephen Mudge / NASA