Great Eats at the Abyssinian Kitchen


Having dined at a few Ethiopian restaurants in my time I have always been a fan of that cultures' play using onions, ginger, garlic, chilies, cumin and tumeric (among other great spices). Utilizing the PDX-popular "farm-to-table" method and emphasizing "ethically-raised meats and authentic spice blends," it's difficult to put into words just how happy you will be with a lunch or dinner at Abyssinian Kitchen. Featuring both Ethiopian and Eritrean dishes, including my favorite, Zilzil, which consists of "strips of marinated grilled beef, herbs, spice blend and spicy awaze-based dip," you simply can't go wrong at this newly-installed place of culinary delight.  portland-optometrist   My first experience was so good at Abyssinian Kitchen that I returned just two days later. While it was TOUGH to not re-order the Zilzil (why fix what ain't broken, right??), I ventured and tried the Doro Wot, a "stewed chicken in traditional berbere sauce." The dish featured a spicy blend, a boiled egg and Ayb cheese (tasty!). FYI: berbere sauce is a blend of red chili powder, ginger, garlic and spices. Ayb cheese is a mild and soft cheese that goes oh so well with the stronger spices in the dish. Well, once again, top-notch. I'll be back again!!   portland-eye-doctor   DETAILS: Visit the Abyssinian Kitchen website See their menu [su_spacer size="10"] Hours: 4-10 pm Tuesday-Friday, 11 am-10 pm Saturday-Sunday; closed Monday Location: 2625 SE 21st Avenue, Portland, OR 97202 Contact: 503-894-8349 or Pricing: $$$