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Most agree that time travel isn't possible (yet), but getting the chance to experience the past is something almost everyone wishes they could do. Maybe it's "going back" to see The Doors perform at the Hollywood Bowl in 1968, or witnessing the bustling scene in NYC in the 1940's? The list of events, things, people and places we'd like to witness is uber long. And while there is presently no such machine to get us there, a semblance can surely be felt by enjoying items of those long ago times. Enter Living Threads Vintage, a small, boutique-style shop in Portland that sells, you guessed it, vintage clothing, jewelry and other cool stuff. Some notable extras include items from Pendleton Woolen Mills and Christmas ornaments![su_spacer size="10"] portland-eye-doctor [su_spacer size="10"]

Having heard some great reviews of this cool clothing shop, nestled between S.W. 10th and Taylor downtown (get the map location here), I read more online and then spoke with one of the founders, Christine Taylor. Suffice to say, I was quite pleased with Christine's story (and that of her husband Travis). Having been an avid wearer and collector of vintage clothing since her teens, Christine met Travis out here in Stumptown. Sharing a mutual passion, they started out selling vintage clothing in some of the malls around town. While realizing success in the mall sales, Christine noted that it was always their dream to open up a brick and mortar location. In 2010 they pulled it off and are still going strong.

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Featuring pristine condition clothing from the 1930's to the late 70's, the Taylor's take real pride in buying both men's and women's vintage "threads" as their store monicker refers. With their clothing clean and ready to wear out the door, some of their items have been featured in local indie films. They also maintain some good sales through Etsy.

Well, with the holidays in full-swing and the need to put items under the tree...I suggest checking out this small, but extra cool shop. While it should not only make you or someone else quite happy, the chance to revel a bit in the past is guaranteed.

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