PDX Restaurant Experience: Lechon


Like some kind of South American-holodeck, the sights, sounds and smells inside one of Portland's newer, culinary destinations creates a heady feel. Backed up in spades by what you order...Lechon is no joke when it comes to treating yourself to some truly wonderful cooking and atmosphere. My experience at Lechon dates back to earlier this year, centering around my wife's 40th birthday. The tip for that "big event" location came from a friend as I was searching hard for some place memorable. With both my wife and I longtime fans of the internationally-recognized Andina, and its excellent, South American-inspired food, picking this kind of cuisine was easy. What I didn't know, but would soon find out, is that Lechon ranks right up there with its nearby cousin. FYI...for those not "in the know," Andina is one of PDX's "foodie flagship's" that has really helped put Portland on the great food map.

With the date set, and all in the friend network keeping their upcoming attendance a secret, I twisted my wife's arm a bit to try out this, as of yet, personally un-proven location. Well, suffice to say, were not only satisfied, we were blown away. Seated at a large table in the back that rivals a Hollywood movie set for some kind of back-alley in Santiago, complete with laundry and blankets hanging from lines between the windows. A very vertical space, after imbibing a few drinks you might even swear you are there (as in Chile ;).

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Adding in the music, friendly staff and, most importantly, the food and drink...Lechon is a true coup d'é·tat. Everyting we encountered was delectable. With offerings from Argentina, Chile and Patagonia, the chef also takes creative liberties, creating some truly original and tasty delights in the process. Further, the cocktail list is very colorful and exciting. Excellent wines, both regional and South American, complete what amounts to a great, overall menu.

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From the shrimp ceviche, featuring pickled pineapple, cucumber and pink peppercorn, to the crispy pork belly with parsley emulsion, plums and charred spring onions...each was a winner and I can't recommend them enough. So, if you have a special night, or just want to experience some incredible, authentic tastes from the large continent well south...Lechon is an excellent ticket. [su_divider]

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Header Image Courtesy: Jannie Huang