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Semi-crunchy with a soft center. Decadent dipping sauces including house-made Xocolata (chocolate), Marshmallow Swirl, Caramel + Roasted peanuts and more. Deep fried at 180 degrees, giving this incredible treat factory its 180 name, Portland's location for the best, classic, Spanish xurros is not subject to debate. All you need to do is find yourself at 2218 NE Broadway Portland, OR 97232 for validation. You will be in for a truly delectable experience. In fact, you might just pick up a few bags of these to augment your Thanksgiving dessert offerings...it's hard to imagine all the folks around the table not being extra happy! When I first heard of 180 last month I was intrigued. I hadn't had a classic Spanish xurro before and, after seeing 180's website, and hearing a stellar endorsement from a friend, I hit the road. A big fan of elephant ears and all things chocolate, I figured these great looking xurros would take things to the next level. I was not disappointed. Featured below are some customer pictures showing what's in store for you. Of course, visiting 180's website, and the restaurant itself, should be on your very near "fun to-do-list."   180 great food   180 great food   180 great food   Here's a quote from 180's website, describing their cooking procedures and locally-sourced ingredients:

[su_quote]All our products are made fresh daily, in small batches. We handcraft everything in-house, we source the finest Pacific North West #PNW local ingredients we can find, and we focus on supporting local first and foremost. We proudly serve Local Roasting Co. coffee and our Xocolata is made with chocolate crafted by Cocanú. If we are out of an item today, do not worry; we will have a fresh batch ready tomorrow, we promise![/su_quote]

Well, if you're not motivated to visit Portland's wonderful 180 by now, perhaps when they take the World Cup in Sweetness you'll give it a shot? Me, I'll be there again this weekend! Speaking of that, 180's hours are as follows:

Monday-Friday 12PM-8PM Saturday-Sunday 10AM-8PM [su_spacer size="20"] Reach 180 at: [su_spacer size="10"] hola@180pdx.com Tel: (503) 477-9163 180pdx.com [su_spacer size="20"] Happy xurroing!