Sweet Jayne, a Particularly Great Shop


Portland is replete with places to spend your time and money. And if you're a gift giver and/or someone who cares about style, you are in a bit of heaven around PDX as the number of artisans crafting for you remains heavy. From vintage clothing shops to those offering new designer takes on what is hip, well, we've got it all. That said, it's always nice to find and support smaller businesses that work so hard to curate their offerings and bring a warmth that goes beyond the product(s) you may go out with. Enter Sweet Jayne...a gem of a spot that, while initially selling clothing and jewelry exclusively for women, also has a few cool things for the guys.  portland-optometrist  

When I started looking at Sweet Jayne to cover them for this blog I did my usual thing...make a visit, read reviews, get a sense. If any element goes off-track, well, then I'm purposefully derailed and onto a more worthy recipient. Sweet Jayne made the grade all the way across. And while I didn't buy anything when I went in, I was treated very, very nicely and I will be back a bit closer to Valentine's Day here soon. Much like Tesoaria Vineyard and Winery, who I covered a couple weeks back on this same blog, when you mix excellent product with excellent service (and fair prices), well, this is what makes a place rise IMO. Sweet Jayne is all of these things.

After having read multiple reviews on this great little store (and really all of them are stellar), I thought I'd feature one that summed things up quite well. Thanks a lot to Kara H. for this review, which I'm embedding here off of Yelp: [su_quote]I LOVE this store. I often come here for gifts because I can find candles, jewelry and cards all in one location, and I usually end up leaving with some new clothes and accessories for myself. There's a diverse selection of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, bags, hats, sunglasses and scarves when in season. They have a few baby things from time to time. The selection of women's clothing isn't huge but it's well curated and always includes a mix of tops, bottoms, dresses, rompers, etc. They even have stuff for dudes now.

This would all be great already, but making the shop even sweeter is the owner, who is a complete doll and is always happy to help with styling recommendations.[/su_quote]

Kara H. says it all here. Yet one more thing I really like about Sweet Jayne is their core "mantra" message posted on the home page of their website; it is as follows:

[su_quote]Nestled in the heart of NE Broadway you'll find Sweet Jayne. We have a singular goal: to speak the truth and inspire all those who walk through our door to be confident in their own skin. We also recognize the value of keeping things local and currently carry over 30 local artists from the PNW with continual plans to grow.[/su_quote]

Not much more to say here other than give this place a try. I think you'll walk out a bit better off, even if you don't spend any money.   portland-optometrist  

Sweet Jayne Store Information

Sweet Jayne should be able to satisfy your needs from a great new outfit to an excellent piece of hand-crafted jewelry. Really, it's a place that exercises true style while not killing your pocketbook (a rare combo!). Here are the particulars on visiting:

Website: www.sweetjaynes.net Location: 1914 NE Broadway St Portland, OR 97232 Store Hours: Mon-Sat 10-6 Phone: (503) 281-1366