The Gift of Eyes


Some people paint landscapes, others animals or people. Ocularist Fred Harwin models and paints prosthetic eyes for those that have lost vision in one or both eyes. These works of art positively impact lives.  portland-eye-doctor

  Having begun his professional career as a medical illustrator at the Wayne County General Hospital, Fred Harwin truly enjoyed this work as it allowed him “the opportunity to tell a story, to teach in a sequence.” One of Fred’s most proud accomplishments was the completion of an illustrated, two-volume atlas on open heart surgery. To do this, Fred attended every type of open heart surgery he could, some of them several times.   portland-optometrist

  From Fred's work as a medical illustrator, he became interested in creating a facial prosthetic clinic at Oregon Health Sciences University. This work culminated in his focus on prosthetic eyes, which is his speciality. Watch the video below for a deeper look at Fred Harwin and his amazingly in-depth process he undertakes for the benefit of each patient. Hats off!   Video Courtesy: Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB)   Header Image Courtesy: OPB (Video Grab)