Vote for Eyes on Broadway in the 2017 WW Reader's Poll!


Many say, "the third time's the charm." Well, Eyes on Broadway is up for "Best Eyewear Shop" in Willamette Week's Reader's Poll once again...and now is the time to cast your vote! Having won the last two years in a row, this third victory would complete an un-precedented trifecta for a Portland business and truly be cherished (and deserved). I mean where else in PDX can you find the very best lenses, frames, and level of quality care? From spot-on advice on style through to eye health-related concerns, prescriptions and treatment, it just doesn't get any better than what you find at 2300 NE Broadway. Clearly many agree that Eyes on Broadway is the standard bearer for excellence. So to all those who voted as such in the past, and to all of our new fans, please see the link below to cast your lot and give support to the great team at Eyes on Broadway.  VOTING LINK FOR 2017 Willamette Week's Reader's Poll   portland-eye-doctor   portland-eyewear  

Why Vote for Eyes on Broadway for Best Eyewear Shop in Portland?

Well, as long-time customers can easily attest, the decision is very easy to not only vote for Eyes on Broadway (EOB) as the best eyewear shop in Portland, but also to continue to go there, exclusively, for frames, lenses, advice and eye health-related treatment. For starters, the three eye doctors at EOB are at the top of their craft and their wait list proves it. This isn't to turn away new patients, not at all, but to be sure, EOB is very popular and the list of loyal customers is long and ever-growing. EOB is more than just an "eyewear shop," as it represents the full-spectrum of eye-related elements...from deep health out to all elements of style. Therefore, when you make the move to a new, stylish set of frames and lenses, you are getting the full-package, on-site. Nobody at EOB is looking to steer you into something that "looks cool" but isn't right for your long-term eye health or pocketbook. Yet with so many solutions on-hand, a great fit can be found for anyone. Once again, here is the direct link to cast your vote for Eyes on Broadway in the 2017 Willamette Week Reader's Poll for Best Eyewear Shop in Portland! We hope to see you in the store soon and thank you to all of our loyal and new customers!   portland-eye-doctor