World's Best Pizza at 6,000 Feet?


When I think of traveling for pizza I recall my 2012 trip to Italy, where my wife and I enjoyed enough pizza, pasta, wine and gelato to last us (nearly) a lifetime. Yet who knew that the very best pizza experience we would have to date was right here in the Pacific Northwest, albeit, at 6,000 feet? Well, that's what I'm here to report today...gourmet pizza at the Blue Ox Bar inside the old Timberline Lodge is literally socks blowing. I mean sure, your out skiing/boarding, your tired, hungry, and the altitude is doing a number on your mind (perhaps with a bit of Mt. Hood Brewing's Ice Axe Ale assisting a bit), but wow was my group of three not prepared for what was served up. Don't me wrong, I've had tremendous, 5-star food up at Timberline many, many times (particularly in their Cascade Dining Room)...but what they are doing there at the Blue Ox is simply bar raising for a pizza and beer experience. Arrive hungry and thirsty!  portland-optometrist  

Timberline's head chef, Jason Stoller Smith, gets the credit for this amazing, zesty pie. Of course, one pizza was not enough...and we ordered a second, the Porchetta Pork. Unfortunately, before we thought to take pics, most of it was all gone!   portland-eye-doctor  

Now a trip to Timberline Lodge would not be complete without some good fun on the slopes...and the snow this winter has been nothing short of miraculous. Thus, please enjoy the short compilation video my well-fed crew put together pre-and-post our wonderful Blue Ox experience.   Video Courtesy: Brian Brezinski, Mark Perrin, Dan Meyers  

Details on Timberline Lodge

No doubt you've heard of and probably been to Timberline Lodge. Known the world over for its year around skiing and epic views, this place is pure magic. From scenes from The Shining to being the regular Summer training ground for Olympic-bound skiers from all over, the hotel, slopes and, indeed, the food, will leave you more than happy. See the links below to explore further this long-standing gem:

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