XLB - Amazing Chinese Comfort Food


It seems that while Chinese food was once a big mainstay in Portland's "Chinatown" back in the day, with places like Hung Far Low serving up tasty, yet very-Americanized Chinese fare, lately, there haven't been as many options. This has been particularly the case for "real Chinese" food, and not the deep fried version seen at oh so many spots that usually offer a mix of both Chinese and American plates. Well, the scene in PDX is different now and "real" Chinese food is definitely an option. Enter XLB, a recent installment on N. Williams that will leave you both satisfied and talking...talking, that is, about the amazing and authentic Chinese dishes they have on offer there. Of course, don't come here looking for sweet n' sour deep fried shrimp; save that for the Safeway deli. Instead, experience such original takes as xiao long bao, which, per the menu, is described as "shanghai soup dumplings: seasoned pork filling with ginger & garlic mixed with a strong pork stock all wrapped in dough." I had some of these on a recent visit, and, well, I'm going back.  portland-eye-doctor  

Chef Jasper Shen, a co-founder of Aviary (now gone from there), is the master behind XLB's menu. Dubbed "home-style" and "comfort food," he's onto a new winner.   portland-optometrist portland-eye-doctor

Details & PDX's Chinatown History

For getting your Chinese food on, below are the details needed to get down to XLB.

Location: 4090 N. Williams Ave Portland OR 97227 (503) 841-5373 Website: www.xlbpdx.com Hours: OPEN Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 2pm 5pm - 10pm   Read more about Portland's own Chinatown history, and how it moved twice from SE82nd, to present downtown and finally to old town (around the NW 4th area). This history is very interesting and will provide even more of a theme for your next Chinese food adventure!

Header Image Courtesy: xlbpdx.com